Project Unlimited


The bumpers I am going to use on this project have changed, for various reasons. I am now using Rugged Ridge, one of the reasons is they are a module design and gives a more flexible design. First you choose whether you will require a winch mount or not. These bumpers also take the original fog lights.

Rugged Ridge Front Bumper Section No Winch

Rugged Ridge Front Bumper Section Winch

Then this can be fitted as a stubby or you can add the end to make a full width bumper.

Rugged Ridge Bumper Ends

There is also the option of a Hoop Over Rider, in Black or Stainless Steel. And if you want to add a little bling the recovery points can also be supplied in Stainless Steel.

Over Ride Hoop in BlackOver Ride Hoop in Stainless Steel

D-Rings in Stainless Steel

Take a look at the product section for more details.


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