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The exhaust modification I was going to do has been changed I still used a Magnaflow silencer, but I repositioned the silencer to under the vehicle to gain a better departure angle. Follow below as an outline on how this was done.


The stock system.

The stock system.


The stock silencer.

The stock silencer, notice how low it sits.

The new silencer fitted.

The new silencer fitted with room to spare.

New tailpipe section.

The new tailpipe section

The new silencer sits higher the chassis rail.

The new silencer sits above the chassis rails, giving good clearance.

The veiw from the back now.

The departure angle is now greatly improved.

The end result is a good saving in weight, improved depature angle, and a great sound, not too
loud but a nice deep rumble. Plus an increase in power due to the hi-flow of the new silencer.




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