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Advance Adapters INC. has developed an (Ultra-Low) gear driven transfer case to replace Jeep & Early Bronco units. The new Atlas T/C is a high performance unit capable of handling the toughest combination of terrain. The new Low ratio is intended to help you maneuver at a safe and affordable speed. You probably know by now if you bounce under loss of traction you BREAK!

With new additions, new considerations are in order. If your vehicle is equipped with a torque monster of a motor, this new combination of POWER combined with GEAR requires respect. A lower ratio offers more torque with less applied throttle; you DO NOT need loads of engine power, or speed to overcome the obstacle!

The Advance Adapter's ;Atlas II; 3.8:1 ultra low or 4.3:1 extreme low range Transfer case is the definitive gearing solution for your off-road performance, without sacrificing any on road gearing Atlas-dana or noise. Through considerate and comprehensive analysis of existing transfer case and gear designs, Advance Adapters has designed and manufactured an unstoppable, rugged, all gear driven transfer case. Many design elements from the Dana 300 and NP205 were incorporated into the CAD-CAM designed and CNC machined; Atlas transfer case.

The one piece case with structural access cover is manufactured of heat treated aluminum alloy and is available in either right hand drop or left hand drop configurations. The gears are precision machined and are supported by needle roller bearings that are matched to finely finished shafts. The shafts, including the bulletproof 1-3/8" diameter, 32 spline rear output shaft, are fully supported on tapered roller bearings. The Atlas transfer case also features the convenience of synchronized shift on the fly capability. Twin stick options available for all T/C replacements.

If you are serious about off-road performance, then demand a dependable low gear, quiet, rugged Advance Adapter's Atlas transfer case.


  • CASE:

    Applications with NP231 will have to lengthen the rear driveshaft and shorten the front driveshaft.

    Applications with Dana transfer cases will have to shorten the rear driveshaft and lengthen the front driveshaft.

    Some applications will require crossmember modifications.

    Atlas InstalledATLAS II

    Advance Adapters offers a multitude of input splines in both righ hand and left hand drop applications . Call with your specific application requirements. The Atlas transfer case will install in place of the following transfer cases:


    Atlas, 14" NP 200 Series, 20-1/2" Dana 300, 12"

    The Atlas is 6-1/2" shorter than stock and 2-1/2" shorter than NP231s with the short shaft yoke conversion kit.




    Helical-Cut Gears Stronger and Quieter than Planetaries
    Gear Driven No Chain Stretch
    Full Complement of Bearings Increased Durability, Dependability and Economy
    3.8:1 Low Range Or 4.3:1 Extreme Improved Offroad Performance
    Solid One Piece Case Design Stronger than Two-Piece Split Case
    Synchronized Shifting Shift-On-The-Fly Capability
    Large Rear Output Shaft Non-Twisting and Bulletproof
    O.E.M. Speedometer Gear Easy Connection to Existing Components
    Complete Unit The Atlas is a Fully Assembled, Ready-to-
    be-Installed-Into-Your-Vehicle Transfer Case.
    There is No Retrofitting or Machining Gear Sets Into Your
    Old Transfer Case, Using Old Parts
    Twin Stick For Enhanced Off-Road Capabilities  

    With the Twin Stick unit fitted in the TJ you have the usual transmission sequence Neutral, 2WD High, 4WD High, and 4WD Low, but with the ATLAS II you also have Rear 2WD Low and Front 2WD Low which is an unique feature to the ATLAS II. With the Front 2WD Low you will be able to maneuver like never before in tight terrain.

    Prices On Application

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