ARB Air Locker

The workings of an ARB diff lock,

The ARB Air Locker is a driver-controlled differential lock actuated by pushing a dash -mounted button. In only one tenth of a second compressed air actuates a piston inside the differential which engages a locking gear, instantly locking the differential and directing driving torque to the wheels with maximum traction. The diff lock is simply disengaged by again pushing the button.
Many types of traction devices have been available for years, but until the Air Locker all were a compromise, performing well either off the road or on the road, but not on both. The Air Lockers lock the axles together, providing 100% traction to all wheels, allowing you to safely traverse even the most difficult terrain.
ARB's in use..
The ARB set-up It has been said that diff locks are only for the hardcore off roaders, but this is certainly not true. Any four-wheel drive becomes a joy to drive fitted with Air Lockers, allowing you to tackle off-road situations with confidence, at a much slower and safer pace. Without diff locks, when one wheel loses traction, all the driving torque transfers to that wheel, leaving it spinning helplessly. With the ARB Air Locker activated you will simply drive out of these situations.
It leaves the opposition spinning..

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