Optima Batteries

The Optima Battery The Battery for
Ultimate Power!

The Optima doesn't look like an ordinary battery - because it isn't. Beneath the distinctive OPTIMA exterior is the most advanced automotive battery technology ever created. The OPTIMA is a sealed, zero-maintenance battery that combines proven lead-acid electrochemistry with advanced design techniques to create a battery that outperforms the rest of the field.

The key to OPTIMA's greater performance and longer life is its unique SPIRALCELL design, which took some 20 years to perfect, and is protected by no fewer than 20 patents. The result is a battery that has a longer service life, provides more power even in extreme climates, has superior vibration resistance, recharges quickly, and has a significantly longer shelf life.
  • Revolutionary Design!
    OPTIMA battery looks different because it is different. The patented SPIRALCELL technology makes OPTIMA the world's best battery by design!
  • Reliable Power!
    OPTIMA provides up to 1250 cranking amps and 120 minutes of reserve capacity.
  • Totally Sealed Power!
    OPTIMA design means no free liquid acid. No leaks and safe to mount anywhere, even upside down!
  • Lasts Longer!
    Lasts 3 to 4 times longer than conventional batteries.
  • Great Warranty!
    The OPTIMA is covered by one of the Industry's best warranties, two year free replacement and additional coverage through the sixth year.

Optima Batteries The Best!!
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