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TJ 5.5 " X Factor Plus Stretch System (102" WB)

Rock Krawler is proud to bring you the TJ 5.5 X Factor Plus Stretch Suspension System. The X Factor Plus Systems are the best performing trail systems ever made for Wrangler TJ’s! These systems feature our revolutionary independent 3 link front end with track bar. This design dominates the professional world of rock crawling while also maintaining perfect streetabiliy and precise handling. The upper control arm is full length so caster change is kept to a minimum. The front upper bushing in the differential is replaced with a build a ball joint for maximum articulation. Even the tinniest of details has been addressed with the X Factor Plus systems. The rear end features a triangulated 4 link assembly that allows removal of the rear track bar for awesome articulation. The rear 4 links push the rear axle back providing you with approximately 102" wheel base. The lower control arms feature a high clearance design to maximize ground clearance and cross over angles. The lower control arms are made of 2” solid alloy steel and use a Monster Bushing at the frame connection and Monster Krawler Joint at the axle connection to provide the ultimate in twist! Our modular skid plate design actually clam shells the frame top and bottom with no side drilling required. This adds structure to that frame! With the 3 piece construction; servicing of the driveline is a snap and does not involve any suspension modifications. The frame rail members can be bolted in or welded on. For added rear axle structure a weld in cradle and tie in plate made from ¼” thick laser cut steel is used! Simply put, we feel this is the strongest, best articulating, 5.5 inch long arm system ever made and we back that up with our Abuse Proof Lifetime Guarantee on all hard parts!

Rock Krawler TJ Lift
TJ 5.5 " X Factor Plus Long Arm System
System Benefits:
-Excellent highway ride and handling
-High clearance lower control arms made from massive 2” solid alloy steel!
-Revolutionary independent three link front end for awesome flex and control!
-Rear triangulated 4 Link that allows for removal of the rear track bar and provides anti-squat for unparalleled climbing ability! Triangulated 4 links are more robust than tri link designs!
-Rear stretch providing a perfect 102" wheel base!
-Skid plate mounting design that adds structure to the frame, provides a 1" gain in ground clearance, has a smooth bottom and is made from 1/4" thick steel!
-Weld on rear cradle for greater rear axle strength!
-New rear coil spring mounts with integrated adjustable bump stops.
-Allows for 37" tires with flat front fenders!
-Limited Lifetime Warranty!
-Upgradeable to any of our higher lift long arm stretch systems or coil over products!

System Includes:
2 long travel linear coil springs, 4 high misalignment/double-adjustable lower long arms made from 2.00" solid alloy steel, skid plate and skid plate mounting brackets made from 1/4 thick laser cut steel, 1 adjustable front upper torque arm made from solid alloy steel, high misalignment/adjustable front track bar made from solid alloy steel, front track bar relocation bracket made from 1/4" thick/laser cut steel, rear upper triangulated 4 link arms made from solid alloy steel, rear triangulated 4 link mounting cradle/axle truss made from 1/4" thick laser cut steel, extended stainless steel brake lines, front adjustable sway bar disconnects, extended rear sway bar links, (1) pair of new rear coil spring mounts with integrated bump stops, (1) pair of rear upper shock mounts made from 1/4" thick laser cut steel, (1) pair of rear upper sway bar link mounting tabs made from 1/4" thick laser cut steel, hardware and detailed instructions.

General Notes:

*Available for most common axle combinations (Dana 30, 44, 60, Ford 8.8, Dynatrac ProRoc’s). Can be adapted to fit Currie Rock Jock 60’s and Solid 60’s by rotating the rear cradle into the proper position instead of using the alignment tool provided.

**Requires a SYE with C.V. Driveshaft.

***With long rear uppers, a custom cat back exhaust is required.

****Rubicon Edition TJ's require a new rear driveshaft.

*****2003 TJ's equipped with 4 speed automatics will require removal of the factory automatic transmission skid plate if so equipped to allow for proper front driveshaft travel.

******Requires removal of the OEM rear upper control arm mounts off the rear axle.

*******Requires cutting of the rear quarter panels to allow clearance for the new rear axle position.

********Recommend using an OEM TJ rear coil when repositioning the rear spring bucket on the frame as shown in the directions.

*********Choose your bump stop lengths after you choose your wheel/tire and fender combination.

Recommended Accessories:

- Rock Krawler Heavy Duty Tie Rod
- Upgraded Steering System

- Rock Krawler Adjustable Weld In Poly Foam Bump Stops

- For under body fuel cell and fuel cell skid that is OBD-II compliant, Gen-right fuel cell part number COMPPKG-TJ