Rock Krawler


The Rock Krawler 3.5 Flex System is the best bang for the buck system on the market today. This system allows you to run up to 33" tires with excellent road manners, greatly improved off-road ability and no driveline modifications. Our front track bar correction system maintains perfect steering geometry with the drag link and drop pitman arm combination. Why would you lift your Wrangler TJ and not correct the steering geometry? That is the most important area to address when lifting a vehicle. Why would you try to make the OEM track bar ball joint do something it was never intended to do? That is why we replace it. The system includes sport tuned coil springs front and rear for a nice ride. Double adjustable lower control arms with a Monster Krawler Joint at the axle connection to allow a huge amount of flex and the industry's largest control arm bushing at the frame connection for the utmost in quiet ride and comfort. Front adjustable quick sway bar disconnects improve the off-road ability even further. Front extended stainless steel brake lines allow for greater axle travel and also firm up the brake system. The rear track bar bracket is made from a durable 3/16" thick laser cut steel and perfectly recenters the rear axle. A simple transfer case drop kit is included to correct for drive line angles. This simply is the best valued flex system on the market today for Wrangler TJ owners wanting to run 33" tall tires and improve the off-road ability.

System Benefits:
-Excellent Highway Ride and Handling
-Improved Off-Road Ability
-Perfect Steering Corrections
-Complete Bolt In System
-Allows for 33" Tires
-Double Adjustable Lower Control Arms
-Front Quick Sway Bar Disconnects
-Front Long Travel Stainless Steel Brake Lines
-Extended Rear Sway Bar Links
-T Case Drop Kit for Drive Line Angle Correction
-Limited Lifetime Warranty
-Upgradeable to Any Other System

Rock Krawler TJ Lift
Rock Krawler TJ 3.5" Short Arm Flex System

System Includes:
4 sport tuned coil springs, (1) front high misalignment/adjustable track bar made from solid alloy steel, front track bar relocation bracket made from 1/4" thick laser cut steel, (4) double adjustable lower control arms made from 1.625" solid alloy steel, adjustable front sway bar quick disconnects, front long travel stainless steel brake lines, rear track bar relocation bracket made from 3/16 laser cut steel, drop pitman arm, T-case drop kit, rear extended sway bar end links, hardware and detailed instructions.

General Notes:

*Not recommended for 2003 and newer Wranglers without upper adjustable control arms, fixed yoke, and rear c.v. driveshaft.

**2003 TJ's equipped with 4 speed automatics will require removal of the factory automatic transmission skid plate if so equipped to allow for proper front driveshaft travel

***Choose your bump stop lengths after you choose your wheel/tire and fender combination.