Rubicon Express

YJ Spring Over Conversion Kit

RE5530 YJ 2.5" Extreme Duty Lift


* * NEWLY REVISED AS OF October 10, 2007 * *

The Rubicon spring-over conversion kit gives you the components necessary to move the leaf spring perch to the top of the axle, increasing lift and flexibility. Spring-over axle lifts retain a stock-type ride quality by retaining the original leaf spring. Installation of this kit encompasses removing the original spring perches, welding of new perches, and other adjustments. A CV-type driveshaft is recommended for this application.

Net lift from the conversion is minimum 5.5-inches. For greater durability, and a total of 7-inches of lift, we recommend running RE1445 & RE1444 Extreme-Duty leaf Springs.

Steering modifications are needed on a spring over conversion. Such as a Tera high steer kit (TERHSK)

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