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Dana 30 Axle Tube Seals
Developed for NASCAR applications to keep dirt and grime from entering the axle tube and destroying critical components. The Front Axle Tube Seals, does the same thing for the front end of your Jeep. The standard plastic flanges prevent large objects entering the axle tubes, but water, mud and grit can still get pass. The axle oil seals are inboard on the Dana 30 axle, so if dirt and grit does cause an oil seal to leak then the axle has to be stripped and the diff has to be removed to change the seals.

The standard plastic flange
The standard plastic flange
Axle Tube Seal Fitted
Axle Tube Seal Fitted

Once the axle tubes seals are fitted they are then filled with grease, to prevent the entry of dirt and grit.

To see how easy they are to fit, take a look at our project section (Axle Tube Seals)

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