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(231s and accessories)

The TeraLow 231 4:1 Conversion Kit
The TeraLow 231 4:1 Conversion Kit The TeraLow 231 4:1 Conversion Kit (part LOW231) is the best solution for providing low crawl ratios and preserving your highway fuel economy.

The TeraLow 231 can be used by all vehicles with 231 transfer cases such as 1988-99 Wranglers, Cherokees, and Comanches.

It provides true 4:1 reduction without the noise of older systems. Every part in this kit is new; there are no core charges. No shift linkage or driveshaft length changes are necessary. The TeraLow 231ís high input torque rating suits it for use with V8 engines.

Unlike other low-range products, Tera backs the TeraLow 231 with an exclusive two-year warranty.

231 Short Shaft Kit
231 Short Shaft Kit This short shaft kit, or slip yoke eliminator, is the only kit strong enough to work with our Low231 transfer case. The new, heavy-duty shaft withstands the increased torque (50% increase) generated by extreme reduction.

By increasing the rear driveshaft length by four inches, this kit eliminates the need to lower the transfer case in most cases. It includes a larger output bearing and rear housing. Requires CV drive shaft. (231SS)

2WD Low-Range Kit for 231     
2WD Low-Range Kit for 231 Free up the front axle for better steering while keeping your low range. Now you can choose between either 4 Low or 2 Low. The 2 Low will eliminate drive train bind and most of your three-point turns.

Because this kit is completely internal, there is no need for any external modifications. (2LOW231)

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